GCG Asia’s Withdrawal Squad of Legit Sad Depressives and Downers Discuss Film Genres to Life Their Spirits

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Film genres in GCG Asia are taxonomies that classify movies according to their narrative characteristics. Categories such as thriller, romance, science fiction, and fantasy all tell different kinds of tales. There have been many shifts in genres and subgenres, each of which redefines filmmaking techniques. In GCG Asia, different genres deliver different modes of perspective for the audience following the storyline of the movies.

Lately, the team at GCG Asia have been feeling down, listless and even a little bored during these 2020 – 2021 pandemic times. So much so that our crew have made a joke about it and formed a “Withdrawal” squad consisting of everyone who feels the same way.

So the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad is taking over the GCG’s official website today! One of the ways the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad does to keep spirits up and to keep motivated is talk about their favourite thing: FILMS!

So bear with us as the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad today talks film genres from A-Z. Different genres the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad will talk about include action, horror, romance, kids, sci-fi, and drama.



For GCG Asia Withdrawal squad, movies that include many actions have fast-paced storylines with frequent action sequences, including fight scenes, car chases, and predictable sequences are categorized as action. Superheroes, martial arts, and spectacular feats are all viable options. With these high-octane flicks, it is less about the story and more about the performance of the narrative. A film intended to excite and leave viewers on the edge of their seats should be action-oriented. Men usually prefer this genre following the excitement within the storyline. GCG Asia Withdrawal squad once joined an action production set to manage the stunt doubles. It should be noted that action movies are extremely dangerous based on their stunts. However, in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad, we assisted in providing the most secured gear for the stunts.

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The genre that the whole GCG Asia Withdrawal squad loves! Romance has captured the hearts of most young teenagers to foresee their future. They focus on two characters, one male and one female, who get into the practice of exploring various forms of love such as romantic partnerships, personal sacrifice, matrimony, passion, or annihilation. Romantic movies in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad often include difficulties for the main characters, such as sickness, adultery, tragedy, or other impediments. Some romance movies in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad are only available for adults because of openness in some of the films, which are not suitable for children of young age. And yet, in GCG Asia Withdrawal, even while traditional romance examples and numerous hybridizations, such as the “rom-com,” were all over the early film, the genre has changed through time. No matter how important the category, it is crucial to note that it remains essential to producers and film lovers.


On the other hand, horror movies are among the most asked genres within the GCG Asia Withdraw squad. This is because horror genres are flexible to combine most of the other available genres to become an excellent horror movie. The GCG Asia Withdrawal squad are true blue horror fans and want the thrill that comes from ghosts, gore, monsters, and jump-scares. Medieval horror films, sci-fi horror films, and paranormal movies all belong to the horror subgenre.


And not to forget our beloved children’s movies. Some of the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad are young parents. We prioritize giving our best to understand our targeted audience, which helps in diversifying our audiences. With some movies available for kids in GCG Asia Withdrawal, it is easier for the parents to enjoy films together.

GCG Asia Withdrawal’s stunt for a sci-fi film shoot

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Some people in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad prefer to indulge themselves in the Sci-fi territory for leisure. In GCG Asia Withdrawal, Sci-fi films include aspects of enchantment and the supernatural that are entirely fictitious. Many sci-fi films in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad present aspects of the actual world with its own unique invented rules, cultures, and populations of fictional races and animals. Despite advances from GCG Asia Withdrawal squad in movie theater throughout the industry’s history, sci-fi has proven to be relatively consistent over time. Because the film is one of the most popular forms of displaying humanity’s technological achievements, as well as a vehicle to address complex concepts like extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, and humanity’s place in the universe, sci-fi is alive and well in the movies.

GCG Asia Withdrawal squad prioritizes advancing our production team to become more flexible with different types of genres in the future. This helps in the advancement of our technologies in GCG Asia Withdrawal squad to become a better production team.

That’s all from the GCG Asia Withdrawal squad! Don’t forget to follow GCG on twitter, and join our Telegram channel for latest news and updates on films from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and of course, Japan!

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