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Have you ever visited the GCG Asia Website for something, and then you got lost in the middle with not knowing what to do and how it works? This article will explain to you the details that we provide within the official website. Let’s take a tour, shall we? It is advisable for you to prepare some notes before we start. 


GCG Asia’s website was established a month after the official opening of the Malaysia office. The GCG official website features many sections, including latest news, official updates, homepage, history, careers, work lines, and teams. However, we have never really explained to the public the detailed view of the GCG Asia Website. All it takes is for you to spare ten minutes with us throughout this article to understand the GCG Asia Website better.


Here’s a brief introduction to GCG Asia. GCG Asia is a well-known production company that offers the best video-making operations and other production works. We are currently based in Malaysia, with other branches in progress across Asia in capitals like Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia and we are even thinking about Japan. 


Our main GCG Asia Website covers all the departments and headquarters, making it easier to centralize everything based on the location.


Establishing a GCG Asia Website means that we strive to achieve a more focused aim on our business website. A wise business team knows where the company fits into the broader inbound marketing plan, and we use this knowledge to design the entire content in the website that drives the public’s attention. Though the two objectives are not identical, they need to be harmonious to benefit from the positive effects of having a business website like the GCG Asia Website.

Setup of GCG Asia Production’s Pre-production table.

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Let’s go through the homepage…

Now, there is no library of text and material on the GCG Asia website site; instead, the goal is to provide a credible introduction to all other pages containing the necessary details of GCG Asia. GCG Asia Website’s homepage is different from other websites because we offer a cursor-sensitive headline that will direct visitors to the services, which are photography, videography, video editing, scriptwriting, and many other designated three-dimensional effect services we are offering. Many people got a bit confused during this part. The instructions on this page will direct you to sites that provide essential information.


Furthermore, suppose you go down from the homepage of GCG Asia Website without clicking anything. In that case, there is a mini-history section where the written progress before establishing GCG Asia is shown. This part of the GCG Asia Website is where most of the stories by the founder and CEO were told in a written form based on past interviews from them. For anyone new to GCG Asia Video Production Company, this section is where you should first visit to understand more about our company and a few crucial details that should be noted. In this section, there are few photographs of GCG Asia before the full installment from the early days of establishment. It also features a timeline photo of the whole progress of our company building on the GCG Asia Website.


On our GCG Asia Website, the services section is divided between indoor and outdoor services. Here, our clients and customers are able to view and drop any questions within the chatbox for further explanation and quotation following the services. This section of the GCG Asia Website provides photos and videos of our previous work and results for our clients. At the same time, it is like you are viewing our official portfolio as a service company. From this, readers can decide whether to take our expertise and services or not. The videos and photos will be edited as we have a growing number of clients and customers. Therefore, the GCG Asia Website organization team will update our portfolio following the recent work from us.


Next, on the GCG Asia Website, there is a query section written as “careers” for anyone interested in applying for any jobs following the services we are offering. The positions include post-production, production, and pre-production. There will be a form to be answered by the individual who is interested in seeking any job opportunities here. The GCG Asia Website team provides some qualities and grades to measure your eligibility for the job scopes. It should be noted that feedback from our side will be out in a week after the form is signed. Apart from that, there is also a feedback section at the end of the GCG Asia Website to collect feedback from our website visitors. Any suggestions and comments are welcomed to improve our website system in the near future. Therefore, the GCG Asia Website organization team highly appreciates any suggestions made by our visitors to improve and enhance the quality of our website to make it more user-friendly.


We hope this article is helpful for you to dive into GCG Asia’s website? Give us some likes if you do. Oh and be sure to visit this legitimate official website. Do reach out to GCG if you need support or the latest update in video and film production for your company or business. Follow us on twitter too! 

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