Latest News by GCG Asia: A Thorough Look at Our Excellent Production Team in the Malaysia Office

This article is a dispatch from team Latest News at GCG Asia, which is in charge of keeping this company website up to date with the latest news of what GCG Asia productions is getting up to. 


This time, the GCG Asia Latest News team gives you a  look at our successful production team management throughout any movie and film production period. Readers will learn from our experience producing high-quality productions that consistently exceed the public’s expectations across Asia. If you’re curious about what is going on at GCG Asia’s office in Malaysia, read on!


Generally, when we see a movie, we might think of the whole process in the making. This is because, to create and produce films that we see now in cinemas or websites, it takes skills and proper planning from the whole team. The team responsible for movie and film production is divided into three groups: the pre-production, display, and post-production team. All the three-team will have their head of services to ensure smooth operations throughout creating a movie. As mentioned by the marketing manager of GCG Asia, team work makes the dream work. He said that in GCG Asia, there is a code in which everyone ought to respect each other to work together with their best potentials.



The first production line is the pre-production team. The latest news from GCG Asia refers to this step as the heart of everything. This is because all the storylines and scripts for the first draft of the project will be confirmed here for thorough writing processes. This requires the brains of excellent writers to perform their best writing skills to come up with creative scenarios for superb movie production. In GCG Asia, their pre-production timeline requires four weeks of thorough processing between the lines and scenes to develop an organized walkthrough of the movie. This helps them to paint the bigger picture on the outcome of the movie. The screenwriter’s main script from the pre-production crew develops the plot of the film, including all the different characters, dialogue, locations, and everything else. Every time the scene starts to film, things will not go as expected. Even so, each movie requires a point of departure, and the screenplay is that point of departure. In contrast to everyone else on your film production crew, the screenwriter may not be as engaged throughout the production as stated in the latest news by GCG Asia.


Next, GCG Asia’s latest news presents their production team where all the shoots take place. This is the section where every cameraperson and videographer ought to give their best to shoot all the scenes required within the suggested timeline. The shoots are the most challenging part as the actors and actresses are paid according to their time and contribution. Therefore, the fewer errors within a shoot, the better. In the latest news updated by GCG Asia, their production team consists of 100 crew members to finish all the production shoots. The marketing director of GCG Asia mentioned that all the crew work together to deliver faster results for the post-production team to start their work. This is because the post team requires months of hard work to produce the final draft of the movie or film. This is also not combined with the comments made by the director and producer if they have any changes to be made within the production timeline.


As mentioned in GCG Asia’s latest news, the post-production team is also a crucial part of the project. The projects require thorough editing and corrections, which will be made within the post timeline to ease the workloads.  Their role in production is pretty essential. There will be plenty of footage after the whole film has been filmed. Then comes the work of the editors within the post-production timeline. The editor has to make sure the optimum footage is selected, then use it to create the scenes for the movie. The editor is responsible for producing the effects of the settings as wanted by the clients, which might be tricky as sometimes it is hard to meet the eye of the clients. In GCG Asia, the editor is considered as the head of the post-production team as they ought to present the overview of the final draft of the movie or film within the indicated time limit. This requires a lot of computing and editing skills which people can only do with enough experience.


As concluded from GCG Asia’s latest news, people have always been known to take on similar positions in the film industry. For instance, one individual may be both the author and coordinator or the cinematographer and production manager in the film crew. Any position that is not necessary for the project will be left unfilled. In other words, what’s most essential is that a lot of these production crew job positions be occupied with offering the best results in the filmmaking industry.

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