So you want to start a production company? Tips from GCG Asia’s CEO

This article focuses on the essential points in maintaining a great production company amid the awful pandemic nowadays. More details will be uncovered by the CEO of GCG Asia, Lim Foo Hoe, throughout the article, following his own experience managing a production company in Malaysia.

Movies and films have been with us since a long time ago as some people acknowledged watching movies as hobbies. There is no harm in enjoying your free time by watching movies. The best films and qualities come from great production management and company. Therefore, an excellent production team produces the best rates of cinema. Qualities are crucial nowadays as more people know providing the best comments following any movies or films made for the public. 

This might sound counter intuitive, but the production industry nowadays is thriving since the pandemic hit us at the beginning of 2020. This is because movies and films are one of the necessities people go through to release any stresses or tensions within their daily lives from the stressful situation now. That is why most production companies nowadays are pushing hard for the public’s availability and accessibility of their movie productions. 

Since forming the company with owner Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, CEO of GCG Asia, Lim Foo Hoe, has stuck by a few key principles towards maintaining the company. He mentioned a few tips to keep a production company going amid the pandemic nowadays. This is considered a golden ticket for production management to succeed during these challenging times. Read on to find out more.


The first point mentioned by the CEO of GCG Asia is to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the production management with their brand before promoting any movie production. This is because most of the people nowadays are very picky as they will be persuaded only with the branded production company. This is one of the stigmas in Malaysia, where only the well-known production companies often produce more movies and films because of the demands from the public. 

GCG Asia’s CEO mentioned the hard truth following the stigma nowadays, which will result in a biased point of view from the crowd as they will only name the brand, which will overshadow the quality of the movie itself—as with other services, getting customers for video creation is about building trust. If your customers perceive you as an unstructured one-person band with no established business protocol, that may be a bad sign. “Your production company will get some clients, but, likely, you will not secure the larger businesses, who will prefer to deal with genuine companies. Hence, the importance of authenticity within a production company brand,” said Lim Foo Hoe, GCG Asia CEO.  


Furthermore, as mentioned by the CEO of GCG Asia, Lim Foo Hoe, maintaining a production line means keeping a considerable asset or investment that will make or break your career. Lim Foo Hoe highlighted that having a production business is a risky choice. This is because it highly depends on what the public has to say regarding your artworks. “However, it is not a problem if the head of the company knows the direction of their company and proceeds to strive for success. Therefore, a complete financing schedule and plan are essential to maintain an excellent product line to cover up any loss along the way as everything is unpredictable nowadays,” said GCG Asia CEO, Lim Foo Hoe.  

On the other hand, it’s usually advisable to request a sum of the money upfront on any new initiatives of any projects to get on hold with the total equity before finishing the whole project. It is essential to sign contracts with your clients in business and, much more so, to pay taxes. As highlighted by the CEO of GCG Asia, everything has to be in contracts if it requires a sum of money as nowadays people can fabricate everything. It is crucial not to take matters leniently.

Moreover, the CEO of GCG Asia mentioned that maintaining a great production company means keeping the best relationship between the production crew along the way. Great relationships will assist in producing the best results within an organization. Therefore, respect is crucial to make everything works. In a production company, there will be many members from pre-production, production, and post-production. 

A significant outcome of a show involves the great involvement of every crew member from the production line. Lim Foo Hoe, CEO of GCG Asia, highlighted that filmmaking and moviemaking involve numerous components that all function together as a single machine. If you want to create an entertaining and profitable film, you will need a superb film production crew that includes every production department. The secret to success in a production company is a well-organized company. Though various departments in film production all operate collaboratively, each has its head that oversees the other departments and oversees the duties and obligations of its film crew within the same movie production. 

All the tips pointed out by the CEO of GCG Asia should be highlighted for all production companies to help them master the basics of maintaining their production organization. The best words come from more experience. 

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