How GCG Asia’s Founder Kept His Film and Video Production Company in 2021

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This article follows the GCG Asia Founder and how he managed to receive a stable income even during the pandemic. Readers might find this article helpful to help them cope with the pandemic.

Amid the pandemic in 2021 nowadays, many people are suffering to be stable mentally and physically. The pandemic has affected almost everyone, including low-life individuals, middle-class individuals, investors, and business people. This is because of the economic downturn that has been affecting the Malaysia office. However, apart from the obstacles and restrictions made during the pandemic, the Founder of GCG Asia, Dato’ Sri Darren Yaw, has successfully maintained his ongoing video production business throughout the whole pandemic. This might seem impossible in general. Therefore, the GCG Asia Founder has decided to sit down with our latest news management team in GCG Asia to interview how he excelled in his business and life choices during a pandemic.

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Before the pandemic in 2020, GCG Asia has been very successful with its video production services. This includes ceremonies, live events, and advertisements made every month for their clients and customers. The GCG Asia Founder mentioned how he struggled to get a hold of his life because of his overly busy schedule, which explains why he does not have a family yet. The 42-year-old GCG Asia Founder has been dedicating his life to the success of this company as a whole. Now, as things have changed, it took him a few weeks to come back stronger as he did before the pandemic.

“I honestly know that this pandemic will not stop as soon as possible. And then, it got me thinking of GCG Asia and me as GCG Asia’s Founder. I know I had to do something to still run the business without feeling affected by the whole situation. The odds are I might not get what I expected, but it is definitely worth the try.” said Dato’ Sri Darren Yaw, the GCG Asia Founder.

From that day of realization, the GCG Asia Founder has made few enhancement plans to stabilize the incomes for the company. The first thing that the GCG Asia Founder mentioned was maintaining good customer service and clients. We are not sure about getting new customers. Therefore, our GCG Asia Founder suggested that we keep track of our previous clients and customers for more projects together. Businesses depend on their consumers to flourish, but with the pandemic, customer retention is more critical. The GCG Asia Founder highlighted being an active presence in our customers’ lives, letting them know that we appreciate them and encouraging them to tell others about how much they enjoy our excellent services.

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Apart from that, Dato’ Sri Darren Yaw, the Founder and CEO of GCG Asia, also highlighted that maintaining and reviewing a healthy relationship with coworkers and staff is essential. This is because people are more vulnerable mentally now, and most of them are struggling to work. Therefore, appreciating them in a good way, as suggested by the GCG Asia Founder, is one of the best ways to maintain a business during a pandemic. Let this be an opportunity to show your support and enthusiasm for your colleagues. The company’s success would be significant due to the collaborative contributions of employees who provide their specialized talents, creative ideas, and confidence.

As mentioned by the GCG Asia Founder in the interview, “I’ve always taught myself that a company’s biggest attribute is a clever, varied staff, and even during economic downturns, it needs to be protected. Therefore, it is crucial for both parties that we are talking now.”

Amid the economic downturn now, the GCG Asia Founder has successfully managed his GCG Asia Production Company with legit strategic marketing efforts. One of his effective ways was to conquer the social media advertising platform on twitter and reddit to market GCG Asia’s services. This helps in creating more engaging responses from new clients and customers. The Founder of GCG Asia has been targeting the specific target group for clients, and it worked successfully. Banking on digital marketing strategy through GCG’s official website, which has been implemented and organized by the GCG Asia Founder, provides complete integration to enable tracking of which online and offline postings are practical and reachable to provide consumer response data to assist in strategic decision-making. One of the most successful strategies is hosting online live events, which was done per request by one of our customers for two months. A great head starts by the GCG Asia Founder to open another creative section as one of our services.

“It is normal that every company wants the best for themselves. Beat the odds, they said. And that’s how I managed to get GCG Asia here.” said the GCG Asia Founder.

In conclusion, there are always possibilities and opportunities even when you feel like you are in a dead-end. The best thing to do is think carefully and own your actions, as mentioned by the GCG Asia Founder.

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